Sentenial's Origix Instant Payments module allows financial institutions / PSPs to process near instantaneous payments using our powerful Application Programming Interface (API).

  • Built on a light-weight payments architecture, the solution has been designed specifically to support instant payments and multiple payment schemes.
  • Currently the solution supports the EBA RT1 Clearing and Settlement Mechanism (CSM) but support for TIPS, STET, FPS/NPA will be added in future.
  • The core Origix IP functionality allows implementation of each new scheme by including CSM patches/packs to provide specific scheme flows and messaging support.

Origix IP Instant Payments is a cloud-based, RESTful application that processes payment instructions received as API messages. The application works in two modes:

  1. As a Receiver of inbound Payments.
  2. As a Disburser of outbound Payments.

Payments are cleared and settled much faster than in a traditional batch processing scheme and while specific time constraints are applied based on the payment scheme being used, in general the originating and beneficiary parties see the funds transfer completed in seconds.

For details on the GBP Faster Payments (FPS) scheme, please refer to the Create Credit Transfer under the Direct Debits & Credit Transfers section of this Developer Documentation.


The SEPA CT Instant Scheme overview and high-level flows involved.


Want to know when certain events are triggered, our suite of Webhooks has you covered.

Outbound Payments

Where you are the debtor and your payment needs to be transferred urgently.

Origix Account

For affiliate banks who do not have access to the details of transactions on the Instant Payments settlement account.

Inbound Payments

Where you are the beneficiary and an Instant Payment has been received.


FAQs and SEPA Reason Codes.