Outbound Instant Payment processing

The Origix Instant Payments solution provides the following RESTful APIs:

  • createInstPayment
  • retrieveInstPayment

When your client creates an instant payment it goes through the following stages (where the payment is successfully processed):

The Initial Originator Request

The initial outgoing payment is created by the payment originator, passed to the client’s bank and on to Origix IP.

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To begin:

  • The originator (i.e. the PSP's client) wants to make a payment.
  • The user Initiates an SCT Inst instruction, via a client application for example.
Bank / PSP

Based on the client's request:

  • The PSP's system initiates the Create Instant Payment API REST request.
  • The request is forwarded to Origix IP to create the payment.
Origix IP

The Origix IP system then:

  • Processes the API request.
  • Validates the payment (for example, is the payee's Bank a participant in the SCT Inst scheme?)
  • Creates the Instant Payment, ready to be passed on to the CSM.
  • Generates a REST response back to the PSP's calling application, indicating that the payment has been submitted to the CSM and is in Pending status.

Handling the Beneficiary Response

Origix IP passes the request on to the CSM from where it is forwarded to the beneficiary’s bank.

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Origix IP
Once the payment is created in Origix IP:
  • A timestamp is added to the SCT Inst message.
  • It is transmitted to the CSM (RT1).
  • The CSM will forward the message details to the beneficiary bank and pass back a confirmation message.

The CSM (RT1) receives the message from Origix IP and manages:

  • SCT Inst Message validation.
  • Time-stamp-checking: the time stamp applied by Origix IP prior to submission is validated (this must be within the scheme-specific timeout deadline of 20 seconds).
  • The routing of the SCT Inst message to the Beneficiary Bank.
  • The confirmation message (positive or negative) from the Beneficiary Bank.
  • The forwarding of the Beneficiary Bank's confirmation message to Origix IP.
Beneficiary Bank
The bank:
  • Receives the SCT Instant message from RT1.
  • Responds to RT1 with a confirmation message (positive or negative)

Origix IP Notification to the Initiating Bank/Financial Institution

Once Origix IP has received the status of the payment from the beneficiary (via RT1), it notifies you (the originating Bank).

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Origix IP
Having processed the response from RT1, Origix IP:
  • Triggers a Webhook notification to the Financial Institution's /PSP's configured endpoint.
  • The Webhook event indicates the acceptance or rejection of the SCT Inst instruction.
  • In the event of a positive notification, the bank would debit funds from its client account.

The originating bank :

  • Has configured a Webhooks Endpoint.
  • Consumes the Webhook notification