JWS Generator Utility

To use the Generator tool below:

  1. Edit the JWS Header section and update the following:
    1. "kid"
    2. "iat"
    3. "iss"
  2. Paste the HTTP request body into the JWS Payload section (JSON)
  3. Paste the Private Key into the Private Key area (see PKI Management for details of how to generate your Private Key).
  4. Click the Generate JWS Signature button.
  5. Use the generated string as a JWS-Signature header value when making your calls to the Sentenial Instant Payment Endpoint you referenced in step 2 above.

Generator Tool

Paste the required information as indicated below and click Generate JWS Signature when you’re done:

InputJWS Header
Edit only "kid", "iat" and "iss"

* iss must match subject on your cert
* kid must match your certificate serial number
* iat must contain current datetime
  (milliseconds since Unix Epoch)

JWS Payload
Your HTTP request body here
Signing Private Key in PKCS#8 format
The key never leaves your browser
Output JWS Signature
Copy it and use as JWS-Signature header value

For further reference see: