Validate Beneficiary IBAN for Incoming Inst SCT RESTful API

As Origix IP has no visibility of the accounts held by your financial institution, the system:

  • Makes an API request to an Endpoint configured by your bank/financial institution to validate the provided beneficiary account.
  • This configured Endpoint will need to consume the Origix IP requests and respond to them appropriately.
  • If the account is valid and can receive the SCT Inst payment then the Endpoint should respond to Origix IP with a 200 response code.
  • Where the response to the Origix IP request is a 400 - Account is invalid (or a 500 - Server could not process the request), the payment will be rejected; a REJECT notification will be dispatched from Origix IP to the CSM.

Accounts may fail validation for various reasons. For a table listing the possible return codes, expand the 400 Account is invalid link from the API Responses section below.

API Details