An outbound Instant Payment is set to Rejected status

Webhook Message Details

Possible Webhook event types:

Webhook Event Type Description
InstantCreditTransferCSMReject Rejected by the CSM
InstantCreditTransferBBReject Rejected by the Beneficiary Bank

Webhook Event Message Details

The following table describes the details of the Webhook notification:

Parent Parameter Type Mandatory/Optional Description
root eventTimestamp number Mandatory The Unix epoch timestamp
root eventType string Mandatory InstantCreditTransferCSMReject OR InstantCreditTransferBBReject
root resourceTechnicalId number Mandatory Technical identifier
root resourceReference string optional The Instant Payment Transaction ID
root resourceReferenceType string optional Set to TransactionId'
root resourceUri string Mandatory This is the URI of the resource for RESTful API querying. Use this URI to Retrieve Instant Payment.
root resourceType string Mandatory This is the type of the resource to which the URI is related. In this case it is an 'InstantCreditTransfer' resource.
root reasonCode string optional The Reason Code returned.
root resourceOwner string Mandatory This is the identifier of the merchant resource to which this notification is linked.
root resourceRemittanceInformation string optional Remittance information related to the transaction.

JSON Sample

The following is an example of an InstantCreditTransferCSMReject event JSON:


Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8
X-Signature: 123ab01d030dee864fb44cc65a3be52ae591f46cde8d14d3e72fbc3790e4a304
Content-Length: 261
X-Request-Id: dc645679-71a5-498d-bb29-ec027948c7c1

JSON Request Body

    "resourceOwner": "tc47abc73",
    "resourceRemittanceInformation": null