Revoke individual tokens based on a unique identifier or revoke all tokens linked to a specific merchant.


As outlined in Partner Integration, before you, as a partner, can initiate any API requests on behalf of your merchants, you must first generate an OAuth token unique to a specified merchant.

Along with offering the service to Request Access Token for Organisation, a number of other endpoints are available to allow you to revoke OAuth tokens, which are described in the following sections.

Revoke a Token for an Organisation

Use this service if you want to revoke a token for a specific encodedOrganisationId and tokenId

Revoke a Token with a Token Identifier

Use this service to revoke a token by passing its tokenId

Revoke All Tokens

This service allows you to revoke all the tokens generated against a specific merchant (by passing the encodedOrganisationId).

Revoke All Tokens for the Current Organisation

Use this service if you want to revoke all the tokens for the requesting organisation.