The Request Token RESTful API allows you to generate a token for a specific application resource.

API Details

Use the Request Application Access Token Endpoints to generate an OAuth token which represents access for:

  • A specific resource.
  • A set of scopes.

Application Friendly Tokens

Application Friendly Tokens:

  • Can be used by Mobile Apps to call our APIs directly.
  • As mobile apps are not considered a safe processing environment for credentials, the tokens will be limited to must-have access scopes that are required to deal with an individual resource.
  • In most cases these will be used for API calls in read-only mode.

The image below illustrates the flow:

Note that:

  • No IP Filtering is applied.
  • You will not be able to create resources using an application friendly token.
  • Calls contribute to your throttling statistics.
  • All resource creation is still a server-to-server call.
  • These tokens are available for the products listed below.

Supported Applications

Application tokens may be generated for resources on any one of the following applications:

  • open_banking_pis
  • open_banking_ais
  • direct_debits
  • credit_transfers
  • accounts_validation_and_enrichment
  • accounts
  • nuapay_accounts
  • emandates
  • account_verification

Request an Application Access Token

Use this service to retrieve a token that represents a resource.

Request an Application Access Token at the Organisation level

Use this service if you are interacting with Nuapay as a merchant and want to generate an application token at the merchant level.