The Nuapay suite of RESTful APIs allow you to work with Direct Debit (DD) and Credit Transfer(CT) payments for EUR (SEPA) and GBP currency (Bacs). Understand how mandates work and how to easily sign up new and existing customers. Create single direct debit or create a schedule of recurring payment or add a mandate/DDI and payment in a single API request. Various options are available.

Need to pay a supplier? See our powerful set of Credit Transfer APIs.


How do Direct Debits work? What's a mandate and why do I need one?... All your questions answered.


How to create, list, update, activate etc. Are e-mandates a good option for me and my business?

Direct Debits

Create, retrieve, list, revoke and re-present. Learn about all the various statuses and what they mean.

Payment Schedules

Create a fixed schedule of recurring payments or create an open-ended schedule. Learn more here.

Credit Transfers

Need to pay a supplier or refund a customer? See how it feels to be the payer for a change!


Want to know when certain events are triggered in Nuapay, our suite of Webhooks has you covered.


API Key Authentication, JWS? and PKI management. All described in this section.

Some Use Cases

It's always useful to know how things are handled in the real world... see some of our use cases.


If you're stuck, chances are that we've seen it before and we can suggest a solution to get you back on track.