Create Direct Debit RESTful API

API Details

The Create Direct Debit request must:

  • Include the resource identifier Creditor Scheme ID (CSID) or Service User Number (SUN) (see the List Creditor Scheme request)
  • Reference an active mandate (its resource ID)
  • A successful request will result in a Direct Debit being set up in READY_FOR_EXPORT status: the payment is created but has not yet been forwarded to SEPA Clearing or to Bacs Clearing for processing (see Direct Debit Statuses for more information).

A Note on End-to-End Identifiers in the Bacs Scheme

When creating a Direct Debit against a Bacs DDI, please note:

  • The endToEndId will be automatically applied if you do not want to provide this identifier.
  • If you do want to specify the endToEndId it must follow the following rules:
    • It must be at least 6 alphanumeric characters in length and cannot exceed a total of 18 characters.
    • IMPORTANT! It must include the mandateId i.e. the DDI reference as its initial characters; so if your mandateId is ABCDEF123 then valid endToEndId values would be ABCDEF123-01, ABCDEF12302, ABCDEF123/456, for example.
  • The following non-alphanumeric characters are supported and may be used in the endToEndId identifier:
    • Full stop(.)
    • Slash (/)
    • Hyphen (-)
    • Blank space ( )