Create Direct Debit & Mandate RESTful API - generate a mandate and a payment in a single API call.
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API Details

As outlined in the Create Direct Debit call, you must have an active mandate before you can begin to collect Direct Debit payments. Typically you would use the Create Mandate call and then reference the successfully activated mandate when you create the Direct Debit payment.

The Create Direct Debit and Mandate call allows you to combine these separate requests into a single call; the request performs two operations:

  • A mandate is created in Active status
  • A Direct Debit payment is created and linked to the new mandate

The Create Direct Debit and Mandate request must include:

  • A requested collection date for the Direct Debit payment
  • The payment amount
  • The payer’s name
  • The payer’s IBAN
  • The Merchant Nuapay IBAN