Re-present Failed Direct Debits RESTful API
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API Details

Where a payment fails (for example for insufficient funds) you may want to re-try (or re-present) the payment.

The re-present request carries out two distinct steps:

  • It updates the original failed payment’s status to Re-presented
  • It creates a new Direct Debit payment (with a new collection date and a new end-to-end ) in READY FOR EXPORT status

Optionally the new Direct Debit payment may also include a re-presentation fee


For Bacs:

The following are optional arguments:

  • representationDate
  • representationFee (not allowed for Bacs)
  • endToEndId
Usage You can only re-present a failed SEPA Direct Debit payment (status REJECTED, RETURNED, etc.) Use when the original payment has failed with an MS03 or AM04.

For Bacs Direct Debits, re-presentation should only be generated where “the service user may reasonably assume that the conditions necessary for collection will be met” [Bacs Service User Guide].
Method POST
URI /schemes/{CS_ID}/mandates/{MANDATE_ID}/directdebits/{DD_ID}/represent

A successful request will return a 200 OK response code

The following is the complete list of possible status codes, which may be returned in the response:

Status Code Description
200 OK - The request completed successfully.
201 Created - A new resource has been created successfully. The resource is appended to the response.
400 Bad Request - The request was malformed. The response body will include an error providing further information.
401 Unauthorized - Your API key is wrong.
403 Forbidden - The client has provided a valid Authentication header, but it does not have permission to access this resource.
404 Not Found - The requested resource did not exist.
405 Method Not Allowed - When a HTTP method is being requested that isn’t allowed.
410 Gone - The API requested has been removed from our servers.
412 Precondition Failed - Certain unmet conditions must be fulfilled before the request to be processed e.g. timestamp is too old.
415 Unsupported Media Type - If incorrect content type was provided as part of the request (e.g. other than “application/json”).
422 Unprocessable Entity - Used for validation errors. More details will be provided in response body.
500 Internal Server Error - We had a problem with our server. Try again later and if the problem persists contact the Nuapay application support team.
501 Not Implemented - When the endpoint is not implemented yet.
503 Service Unavailable - We’re temporarially offline for maintanance. Please try again later.

Note: For a more detailed view of this API see the: API Reference