Direct Debit R-Transaction Webhook event

Webhook Message Details

This Webhook notifies you when a Direct Debit is updated to a Rejected status.

The following event types are possible:

Webhook Event Type Nuapay Direct Debit Status
DirectDebitCancel CANCELLED
DirectDebitRefuse REFUSED
DirectDebitReturn RETURNED
DirectDebitRefund REFUNDED
DirectDebitReject REJECTED
DirectDebitReturnPeriodPassed ACCEPTED

Webhook Event Message Details

The following table describes the details of the Webhook notification:

Parent Parameter Type Mandatory/Optional Description
root eventTimestamp number Mandatory The Unix epoch timestamp
root eventType string Mandatory Allowed values are the Webhook Event Types referenced in the table above.
root resourceReference string optional This can be the business reference of the resource, useful when filtering events via the Webhooks area of the Developer Dashboard.
root resourceReferenceType string optional This can be a business reference of the resource, useful when filtering events via the Webhooks area of the Developer Dashboard.
root resourceUri string Mandatory This is URI of the resource for RESTful API querying; a Direct Debit URI. You can use this to query the resource with a Retrieve Direct Debit call for example.
root resourceType string Mandatory This is the type of the resource to which the URI is related. In this case it is a Direct Debit resource.
root reasonCode string optional The SEPA Reason Code or the Bacs Reason Code (depending on the scheme)
root resourceOwner string Mandatory This is the identifier of the merchant resource to which this notification is linked.
root resourceRemittanceInformation string optional Remittance information related to the transaction.

A Note on the Direct Debit RETURN Period

As described in the Direct Debit Statuses section, once a payment moves to ACCEPTED status on its value date, there is the potential to receive post-settlement RETURNs against it (or UNPAIDs in Bacs).

  • For SEPA CORE scheme payments, a RETURN is possible up to 5 working days after the initial payment moves to ACCEPTED status.
  • For Bacs payments this is up to 3 working days.
  • The DirectDebitDReturnPeriodPassed eventType is a useful notification as it lets your listener application know when a payment has passed the period when a RETRUN/UNPAID could be received. (After this period has passed only a customer refund may be possible against that transaction).

JSON Sample

The following is an example of a Direct Debit Reject event JSON:


Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8
x-signature: 123ab01d030dee864fb44cc65a3be52ae591f46cde8d14d3e72fbc3790e4a304
Content-Length: 261
X-Request-Id: dc645679-71a5-498d-bb29-ec027948c7c1

JSON Request Body

  "eventTimestamp": 1501169079000,
  "eventType": "DirectDebitReject",
      "resourceReference": "42F13E56-96C9-4F9B",
      "resourceReferenceType": "EndToEndId",
      "resourceUri": "/schemes/p2lqa394mv/mandates/lbyjxj5ebd/directdebits/a2rexnvdmq",
      "resourceType": "DirectDebit",
      "reasonCode": "MS03",
      "resourceOwner": "tc47ygrg72",
      "resourceRemittanceInformation": null