Once your mandate is created you can link single Direct Debit or payment schedules to it.


In Direct Debit payments:

  • A Direct Debit is linked to a mandate (in SEPA) or to a Direct Debit Instruction - a DDI (in Bacs).
  • Direct Debit payments are pulled from your payers’ accounts on the collection date and credited to your Nuapay merchant account.
  • Depending on your business model you may decide to create single Direct Debit payments or, more typically, configure a schedule of recurring payments.
  • For more information on Direct Debits see the Direct Debit Overview section.

Scheme Overview

Every Direct Debit payment must be linked to a mandate or a DDI and every mandate/DDI must be linked to a specific scheme and currency.

Nuapay supports the following Direct Debit schemes:

Scheme Name Currency
Bacs GBP

The SEPA scheme is managed by the European Payment Council. In the UK, Bacs is responsible for the Direct Debit scheme.

Both the EPC and Bacs publish guides and rulebooks (which are generally updated on an anual basis) related to how the schemes should be implemented. Nuapay is fully compliant with these rulebooks and constantly monitor and update our Direct Debit solution as required to ensure that we remain fully compliant.

Scheme Differences

Scheme Name Mandate Lodged with Debtor Bank? Earliest Export Date Pre-Settlement R-Transactions Possible? Post-Settlement Return Period Refunds Allowed? Refund Period (Authorised) Refund Period (Unathorised)
SEPA CORE No D-1 Yes D+5 Yes D+8 weeks D+13 months
SEPA B2B Yes (Manual Process) D-1 Yes D+3 No N/A N/A
Bacs DD Yes (Automated) D-2 No D+3 Yes No Time limit No Time limit

In SEPA any refund that is made within the 8 week period allowed under the SEPA Guarantee is referred to as an Authorised refund; where the refund request is received after 8 weeks of the initial debit (and before 13 months) it is referred for to as an Unauthorised refund.