Webhooks are HTTP notifications, dispatched to a specified URL when certain events are triggered.
In Nuapay:
  • Webhooks are available for all our products and, depending on the product you are working with, different Webhook event types are generated.
  • When working with Nuapay Direct Debit payments, for example, being notified via a Webhook when your Direct Debit payment has been rejected is really useful.
  • Similarly, if you're working with Open Banking, being alerted when an Open Banking payment has been received into your Nuapay account is good to know!.

For more information on the individual Webhook notification that are available for the product you are working with, please browse to the required product area and check out the Webhook Notifications sections.

It is possible to configure Webhooks via:
  • The Developer Dashboard UI
  • REST

See the Webhooks Overview for more details.