Details are provided in this section on setting up your Webhook Endpoint and listening for events via RESTful API


Nuapay offers various RESTful Endpoints to allow you to manage your Webhooks. These APIs are available for use for individual merchants and for partners acting on behalf of their merchants.

Use these APIs to create and manage your Webhooks:

Service Method Link
Create Webhook POST Details
Retrieve Webhook GET Details
Update Webhook PUT Details
Delete Webhook DELETE Details

Use these services to Enable or Disable your Webhooks:

Service Method Link
Enable a Webhook POST Details
Disable a Webhook POST Details
Enable ALL Webhooks POST Details
Disable ALL Webhooks POST Details

Use this to list the Webhooks currently configured:

Service Method Link
List Webhooks GET Details

Before you can use Nuapay Webhooks you must set up a dedicated Endpoint on your infrastructure. See Webhook Receiving Endpoint for more on this.