Create a series or schedule of payments.

Payment Schedules

Direct Debit payments may be single, once-off payments but more typically they are grouped together so that a series, or schedule, of payments can be set up in one go.

For example:

  • A magazine is published monthly.
  • A payer signs up to a 12-month subscription.
  • Collections of €5 are taken via Direct Debit each month.
  • €60 is collected in total over the course of a single year (12 x €5).

Nuapay provides two payment schedule options:

  1. Fixed Length
  2. Open-ended

A fixed-length schedule might be useful where there are a specific set of payments required (e.g. a 12-month magazine subscription, as described above). An open-ended schedule would be more suited to a service where there is no defined end to the subscription, e.g. a music subscription service.

Type Description
Fixed-Length In a fixed-length schedule you must specify the:
  • Amount of the Direct Debit collection.
  • Frequency of the Direct Debit payments.
  • Total number of payments.
  • Direct Debits are created when the schedule is created, all in READY_FOR_EXPORT status.
Open-Ended In an open-ended schedule the:
  • Direct Debit amount is specified.
  • Frequency is required.
  • Number of payments _is not defined_.
  • Payments will continue to be made indefinitely.
  • One payment is created in READY_FOR_EXPORT; once that payment is exported, a new payment is created.