Mandate/DDI statuses and how they impact Direct Debit Collection are fully outlined here.


Mandates/DDIs can have various statuses, which are summarised below:

Status Description
PENDING The mandate/DDI has been created but the payer has not signed. Direct Debits cannot be created against the mandate/DDI.
READY_FOR_EXPORT Bacs-only status; the DDI has been created, the payer has signed but the DDI has not been exported to the AUDDIS service; Nuapay exports DDIs once per day
EXPORTED Bacs-only status; the DDI has been passed to the AUDDIS service
ACTIVE The SEPA mandate has been signed and Direct Debits can be created against it or the DDI has reached Day 5 in the Bacs cycle, so payments may now be made against it.
COMPLETE Where a once-off mandate/DDI (mandateType = OOFF) is created, once the single Direct Debit linked to that mandate/DDI is collected, it moves to COMPLETE. No further payments are possible against a mandate/DDI in this status.
CANCELLED The mandate/DDI is no longer active. Direct Debit payments cannot be made against a Cancelled mandate/DDI. In Bacs, this status is applied to a DDI after it has been passed to the scheme via an AUDDIS submission but has not been approved. Nuapay is notified of the DDI rejection via an AUDDIS response message from the scheme. A DDI may be rejected where the payer’s account does not support Direct Debits, for example. Similarly an ACTIVE DDI may be updated to CANCELLED status where the system receives an ADDACS file from the Scheme.
UNREADABLE If you are using our 3rd party paper mandate/DDI handling and a mandate/DDI is returned by your payer but cannot be clearly read then it is updated to a status of unreadable.
UNSIGNED This status is applied if you are using our 3rd party paper mandate/DDI handling service and a mandate/DDI is returned by your payer but has not been signed.
SUSPENDED The mandate/DDI is temporarily unusable. Unlike a cancelled mandate/DDI, a suspended mandate/DDI may be re-activated later if required. No Direct Debit payments may be created against a suspended mandate/DDI. Note that you cannot currently suspend a mandate/DDI via the API - this can only be managed via the Nuapay user interface.