Create Account RESTful API

API Details

The Create Account request allows you to generate a new Nuapay account.

  • You may create a current account or (optionally and depending on your merchant configuration) a sub-account.
  • EUR and GBP accounts are supported.


The Idempotency check is only against successful requests, so where a previous call has resulted in any of the following HTTP Response Codes, that Idempotency key may be reused without any issue:

  • 401
  • 403
  • 404
  • 408
  • 500
  • 501
  • 503

EUR Account Creation

To create a EUR account:

  • Specify currency = EUR (mandatory).
  • You must also provide a name (mandatory).
  • Optionally provide other values as required.
  • On a successful 201 response the account is generated and the account status = ACTIVE

When generating EUR accounts, the IBAN is created immediately; the IBAN is always provided in a 201 response.

GBP Account Creation

To create a GBP account:

  • Specify currency = GBP (mandatory).
  • You must also provide a name (mandatory).
  • Optionally provide other values as required.
  • On a successful 201 response the account object is created and the account status will typically move to PENDING.
  • The identification object in the response body will not contain any account details initially.
  • GBP acount generation is asynchronous: the account creation logic for our GBP accounts requires that a call is passed to our partner GBP bank. So unlike EUR account creation, the account details are not available immediately, following a 201 response.
  • Once the IBAN is created at our partner bank and returned to Nuapay, the account status moves to ACTIVE.

Confirming the Account Status

After creating your GBP account (and retrieving a PENDING status), to determine the current status:

  • Call the View Account endpoint.
  • Pass the accountId
  • Confirm the status in the data > status object.

Account Statuses

The following account statuses are possible:

Status Description
PENDING GBP accounts only: the Create Account request has been successful but an IBAN has not yet been generated.
ACTIVE The account is live and may be used for payment processing.
CLOSED The account is closed; no processing is possible and the account cannot be reactivated.
SUSPENDED Processing is not possible but the account may be reactivated.
ERROR There has been a problem with the account generation. Please contact Nuapay Support for assistance.

An account must be in ACTIVE status to perform payment processing.