Transfers RESTful API

API Details

Where you, as a single originator, have been configured with more than a single Nuapay account, POST /transfers allows you to move funds between your Nuapay EUR accounts.

For a single originator, it is possible to transfer between:

  1. Two EUR current accounts.
  2. Two EUR sub-accounts (provided both are under the same current account).

It is not possible to transfer funds from:

  • A current account to a sub-account or from a sub-account to a current account.
  • One originator’s Nuapay account to a different originator’s Nuapay account.


The Idempotency check is only against successful requests, so where a previous call has resulted in any of the following HTTP Response Codes, that Idempotency key may be reused without any issue:

  • 401
  • 403
  • 404
  • 408
  • 500
  • 501
  • 503