List Account Balances RESTful API

API Details

Use this request to return the balance on a specific account. The response will return two balance amounts:

  • BOOKED_BALANCE - the balance on the account at a given point in time.
  • AVAILABLE_BALANCE - the balance amount that may be used to initiate Credit Transfer payments.

For example:

  • An Account initially has a BOOKED_BALANCE = €1,000.00; AVAILABLE_BALANCE = €1,000.00
  • A Credit Transfer for €400.00 is created with an execution date = tomorrow.
  • When the payment is created it has an initial status = PENDING (i.e. it is not immediately debited from the account and credited to the beneficiary); a reserve (or hold) is placed on the funds.
  • After creating this payment, BOOKED_BALANCE = €1,000.00; AVAILABLE_BALANCE is now = €600.00.

Note that:

  • At this point, €1,0000.00 is still credited on the account (the BOOKED_BALANCE)
  • €400.00 has been set aside for the payment that will be issued tomorrow.
  • If you wanted to create a second Credit Transfer, at this point, you would only be able to create a payment up to a maximum value = €600.00 i.e. up to the total value of the AVAILABLE_BALANCE.
  • Once the payment is successfully credited to the beneficiary on its execution date (tomorrow, in this example), the BOOKED_BALANCE is updated to €600.00.