Credit Transfer transactions move through various statuses in their lifecycle; these are described in this section.


Nuapay supports both standard and express Credit Transfer schemes in both EUR and GBP currencies.

  • Standard schemes use a file-based approach to pass payments from Nuapay to the required Scheme for processing.
  • Express schemes use REST APIs.
  • Standard schemes can take from one to two business days to clear; express payments are processed in seconds.

The following table summarises the differences across the supported CT schemes:

Currency Type Scheme Availability Underlying Channel Funds Credited
EUR Standard SEPA Credit Transfer Monday - Friday File-based (ISO XML file) Typically 1 business day*
EUR Express SEPA Credit Transfer Instant 24/7/365 APIs Instantly
GBP Standard Bacs Direct Credit Monday - Friday File-based (flat file) 2 Business Days*
GBP Express Faster Payments 24/7/365 APIs Instantly
* The SEPA Credit Transfer and the Bacs Direct Credit schemes are subject to non-processing dates throughout the year. See Non-Processing Days for more details

All Credit Transfer Statuses

Note that in:

  • EXPRESS schemes, transactions can move from PENDING to PENDING_SETTLEMENT to ACCEPTED (or REJECTED).
  • STANDARD schemes, transactions can move from PENDING to READY FOR EXPORT to EXPORTED to ACCEPTED (or REJECTED).
Status Description
PENDING Future-dated payments are initially created in pending status.
  • Based on the scheme rules for standard payments, the CT will transition from this status to READY FOR EXPORT.
  • Future-dated Express payments will transition from this status to PENDING_SETTLEMENT and to ACCEPTED (or REJECTED) on their execution date (at approximately 02:00 GMT)
READY FOR EXPORT Only applicable for Standard schemes:
  • The standard CT payment has been created.
  • It has not yet been included in a PAIN.001 XML file (SEPA) or a STD-18 payment file (Bacs)
EXPORTED Only applicable for Standard schemes:
  • The standard CT payment has been included in a PAIN.001 file (SEPA) or a STD-18 file (Bacs) and has been passed to Clearing.
  • The CT will generally be exported 1 business day prior to the collection date (SEPA) or 2 days in advance (Bacs).
PENDING_SETTLEMENT Only applicable for Express schemes:
  • The payment has been passed to the scheme but has not yet transitioned to `ACCEPTED` or `REJECTED`
  • This is a an interim status and a payment should only be in this status for a few seconds before transitioning to a final status.
ACCEPTED Where a payment has not been rejected, The CT status is updated to Accepted on its execution date.
REJECTED If the payment cannot be made e.g. the beneficiary account is closed, the payment will transition to Rejected.
  • The CT payment will transition to this status where a rejection is processed from the beneficiary bank or from the Scheme.
  • A CT Rejection results in a credit to the merchant account.
RECALLED A standard payment has been cancelled prior to being sent to the Scheme for further processing.
  • A CT payment may be recalled when it is in PENDING or READY FOR EXPORT status.
  • The Recall operation is available via the Nuapay User Interface (this is not currently an option via the API).
  • Please contact support should you need to recall a CT payment.
CANCELLED A standard payment has been cancelled AFTER export to the scheme, where the SEPA Reason Code is one of the following: `CUST`, `CUTA`, `DUPL`, `UPAY`.
  • This status is only applicable to SEPA CT payments.
  • It may not always be possible to cancel an EXPORTED CT payment.
  • this process requires a manual intervention from the Nuapay Support team to contact the beneficiary bank.
  • Please contact support should you need to cancel a CT payment.