JSON Web Signature
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It is possible to set up and manage the JWS via REST (as described in this section) or alternatively, this may be done via the Nuapay User Interface through the Developer Dashboard.

Creating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

Before you can create a certificate you must first generate a CSR. When generating your CSR you must provide the following details:

Attribute Value Description
OU Nuapay API Organization unit, this will always be 'Nuapay API' for certificates signed by Nuapay.
CN example: a2av3py82w Common name, the merchant/partner technical ID
O Nuapay Organization, will always be 'Nuapay' for certificates signed by Nuapay.
L London Locality, will always be 'London' for certificates signed by Nuapay.
C GB Country Name, two letter country code will always be 'GB' for certificates signed by Nuapay.
The process for creating a CSR varies depending on the Web Server being used and it is not poissible to cover all the variations in this documentation. Details are available online for all popular Web Servers.

The Common Name CN may be either:

  • A single merchant identifier
  • Or it may be the partner identifier.

Where a partner identifier is used, the Certificate that is generated will be used to generate the JOSE header that will be used by that partner when calling API services (where non-repudiation is required) on behalf of its merchants.

Please contact Nuapay Support if you do not know your Nuapay merchant/partner identifier.

Generating Your Certificate via REST

To generate your certificate via REST:

  1. Call the POST/certificates endpoint.
  2. Provide your CSR in the request.
  3. A successful 201 reponse will return your certificate details.

Managing Certificates

It is possible to List and Delete Certificates: