Once the account holder name is retrieved from the bank, a matching score is calculated.


To initiate the Verification check, you first need to generate a Verification ID:

  1. Generate a server-to-server call to POST /verifications.
  2. Decide in your request whether you want to open the flow as a pop-up (CHECKOUT mode) or as a new window/tab (REDIRECT mode): set this via integrationType.
  3. Ensure that you have referenced your API Key or OAuth token in the request.
  4. The /verifications service is described in Create Verification.
  5. In the response, you will need to store the userInterfaceVerificationId.

Adding the CSS and JS File References

On the page where you are calling the Verification check, you will need to add the following:

For Sandbox

<script src="https://sandbox.nuapay.com/tpp-ui/js/nuapay-open-banking.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="https://sandbox.nuapay.com/tpp-ui/css/nuapay-open-banking.css" />

For Production

<script src="https://api.nuapay.com/tpp-ui/js/nuapay-open-banking.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="https://api.nuapay.com/tpp-ui/css/nuapay-open-banking.css" />

Adding the Verify Button

At this point you have:

  • Added the JS and CSS links to your Verification Check page.
  • Retrieved the userInterfaceVerificationId (via the Create Verification service).

To enable the VERIFY button you will need to add an onclick event. See the examples below:


<a class="btn btn-primary" href="#" onclick="NuapayOpenBanking.showVerificationUi('772d0ef5-596b-43de-a6a0-832c9ab7a7a5','https://sandbox.nuapay.com/tpp-ui/'');">Verify</a>


<a class="btn btn-primary" href="#" onclick="NuapayOpenBanking.redirectVerificationUi('772d0ef5-596b-43de-a6a0-832c9ab7a7a5', 'https://sandbox.nuapay.com/tpp-ui/'');">Verify</a>

In the NuapayOpenBanking.showVerificationUi(id, url) and in the NuapayOpenBanking.redirectVerificationUi functions, the id is the userInterfaceVerificationId

In this example, when the user clicks the Verify button:

  • The Overview pop-up (or window/tab) for the identifier 772d0ef5-596b-43de-a6a0-832c9ab7a7a5 is displayed.
  • The PSU is directed to the Nuapay TPP (Sandbox) UI at https://sandbox.nuapay.com/tpp-ui/.

Note that you will need to specify the correct URL based on whether you are testing on the Sandbox or working on Production:

SANDBOX https://sandbox.nuapay.com/tpp-ui/
PRODUCTION https://api.nuapay.com/tpp-ui/