Retrieve Verification RESTful API

API Details

The Retrieve Verification request allows you to:

  • Pass the verificationId, returned in the response from the Request Verification endpoint.
  • Retrieve the nameScore in the results object.
  • See the account type: CACC - Current Account; SVGS - Savings Account, etc. See table below.

In some cases, where the user holds more than one account at the bank, a number of account holder names and scores may be returned in the results object of the response.

Account Types

The following account types may be returned:

CACC Current Account used to post debits and credits when no specific account has been nominated.
CARD CardAccount Account used for credit card payments.
CASH CashPayment Account used for the payment of cash.
CHAR Charges Account used for charges if different from the account for payment.
CISH CashIncome Account used for payment of income if different from the current cash account.
COMM Commission “Account used for commission if different from the account for payment.
CPAC ClearingParticipantSettlementAccount Account used to post settlement debit and credit entries on behalf of a designated Clearing Participant.
LLSV LimitedLiquiditySavingsAccount Account used for savings with special interest and withdrawal terms.
LOAN Loan Account used for loans.
MGLD MarginalLending Account used for a marginal lending facility.
MOMA MoneyMarket “Account used for money markets if different from the cash account.
NREX NonResidentExternal Account used for non-resident external.
ODFT Overdraft Account is used for overdrafts.
ONDP OverNightDeposit Account used for overnight deposits.
OTHR OtherAccount Account not otherwise specified.
SACC Settlement Account used to post debit and credit entries, as a result of transactions cleared and settled through a specific clearing and settlement system.
SLRY Salary Accounts used for salary payments.
SVGS Savings Account used for savings.
TAXE Tax Account used for taxes if different from the account for payment.
TRAN TransactingAccount A transacting account is the most basic type of bank account that you can get. The main difference between transaction and cheque accounts is that you usually do not get a cheque book with your transacting account and neither are you offered an overdraft facility.
TRAS CashTrading “Account used for trading if different from the current cash account.


The Idempotency check is only against successful requests, so where a previous call has resulted in any of the following HTTP Response Codes, that Idempotency key may be reused without any issue:

  • 401
  • 403
  • 404
  • 408
  • 500
  • 501
  • 503