Nuapay solution aims to challenge cards

Nuapay’s Brian Greener spoke to Sunniva Kolostyak, over at IBS Intelligence, just after the Open Banking Expo 2019. Our partnership with Thyngs was discussed (read more about that here) but so too is the potential for Open Banking to really compete with cards and how the user experience is so simple for end users…

“They don’t have to provide a card number, expiry date or CVV when they buy something, and there is no risk of anybody stealing their data or using the information fraudulently. The journey for a payer, certainly in an online environment, is more straightforward because there are only four steps involved.”

Read more about it here: Open Banking Expo 2019: Nuapay solution aims to challenge cards

(And if you want to see those 4 steps that Brian mentions in action, check out this post from October 2019).