Manage PKI via the Console.

The ‘JSON Web Signature’ (JWS) is used as part of a REST header to validate requests made to certain endpoints (Create Beneficiary and Create Credit Transfer, for example).

Note that:

  • Having this header indicates that you have signed the request with your private key.
  • Any requests to the specific endpoints that require a JWS header, which do not include it, will fail.

For more information on PKI and configuring your security, see the Security Overview.

PKI Configuration

In order to created a JWS you must first generate a private key via the PKI Configuration section of the Nuapay Console.

To access the PKI configuration:

  1. Click PKI Management from the left-side menu:
  2. Click Generate PKI Key if you have not already created one.

See Generating the PKI Key and Certificate via the UI for the full set of steps.