Manage Merchants via the Console.

View & Configure Merchants

To view merchants:

  1. Log on to the Console as a Partner User.
  2. Click Merchants from the left-hand menu or click the Merchants Full List button from the dashboard to view all merchants.
  3. Click Become to access the selected merchant’s configurations:
  4. Once you have “Become” the merchant you may manage the selected merchant’s:
    • API configuration
    • Webhooks
    • PKI Management

Retrieving the Merchant Identifier

To retrieve a merchant’s unique identifier:

  1. Click the merchant’s name (e.g., the ABC Merchant from the screen above).
  2. The merchant’s unique identifier (encodedOrganisationId) is available in the URL:
  3. In this example, the identifier is: qj29q69mxn
  4. Use this encodedOrganisationId identifier when requesting an Access Token on behalf of your merchant(s).