v1.10 Open Banking Release

We’re pleased to announce our v1.10 Open Banking Release.

  • During connectivity testing for OBUK it was discovered that certain banks require that a JWS header is not sent but the payload must still be base64-encoded. We have made a change in this release to support this.
  • We have introduced an update in this release to better allow Nuapay support/admin staff to investigate failed transactions and see detailed information about TPP-to-ASPSP interactions for particular payments and to help users to determine where a failure occurred.
  • Data Type and label changes:
    • We have refactored some data types in this release; in some cases, for example, a value was incorrectly defined as string rather than number.
    • An inconsistency in the labelling of an object returned in the response body of the Retrieve Payment History has been resolved in this release: the label ‘data’ is now used rather than ‘events’ as in the previous release.
  • Changes for Euro currency support:
    • The Sandbox Open Banking shop has been enhanced in this release to include support for the EUR currency.
    • In this release we can now define merchant account per currency at partner or merchant level and the TPP application now populates that account accordingly when calling ASPSPs.
  • Where the payment currency is EUR we now require an IBAN to be provided for the PSU account.