v1.9 Open Banking Release

We’re pleased to announce our v1.9 Open Banking Release.

  • New services have been introduced for:
  • The payment response now includes a Link object; this object has been added to the following services:
    • POST /payments
    • GET /payments/{paymentId}
    • PATCH /payments/{paymentId}
  • In the previous version, the payment reference displayed on the user interface was always the end-to-end reference. In this release the reference that is displayed is now based on the currency being used.
  • Support for more than one certificate type (e.g. eIDAS and OBUK) has been added in this release.
  • A new configuration (Claims Excluded From Jws Signature Jose Header) has been added in this release allowing ASPSPs to be configured depending on their individual JOSE Header requirements.
  • A new Webhook PaymentRefundRejectedhas been introduced in this release. See section 4.6 on page 9.