v1.8 Open Banking Release

We’re pleased to announce our v1.8 Open Banking Release.

  • In the previous release where further processing was not possible (e.g. due to a technical issue), the error messaging was not presented very well; this has been improved in this release.
  • In this release we added the ability to configure the Base64 implementation per ASPSP.
  • We have introduced payment matching where a merchant is using a Nuapay account and where a payment is credited to that account. The payment now moves to PAYMENT_RECEIVED status once the payment credits the Nuapay account.
  • A new service, allowing merchants to initiate refund payments, is available in this release: Refund Payment
  • New Webhooks have been added in this release notifying configured clients of an:
    • Authorised Payment
    • Declined Payment
    • Refunded Payment
    • Refund Successful
  • Payment references are now either merchant-specified or system-generated. The payment reference goes end-to-end and allows transactions to be matched to the required Nuapay account (where merchants are using a Nuapay merchant account).
  • Finally, an internal change has been introduced in this release to streamline the registration of new ASPSPs. These changes will allow Nuapay’s internal support staff to quickly on-board new banks on the system.