Open Banking payments transition through various statuses through their lifecycle. This section describes each of these statuses and the Webhooks that may be generated as statuses transition.


Open Banking Payments transition from an initial PENDING to any one of a number of possible statuses (note that some statuses are Nuapay-specific and are only relevant if you are using a Nuapay beneficiary account for your Open Banking payments).

The various statuses possible (for both payments and refunds) are presented in the tables below and as a state diagram:

The following table gives an overview of each possible status and, if applicable, the Webhook event triggered:


Status Description Nuapay-Specific? Final Status? Webhook Triggered? Webhook Link
PENDING [Relevant for Checkout mode only] The payment has been created: the merchant has initiated the POST/payments call but the PSU has not yet selected the required bank. No No No N/A
CONSENT_API_REJECTED There was a technical issue at the ASPSP; the payment may be retried. No No Yes PaymentRejected
PENDING_APPROVAL The approval for the payment is pending: the PSU has not yet approved the payment on the ASPSP. No No No N/A
OAUTH_CALLBACK_COMPLETE The ASPSP has informed Nuapay that the payment has been authorised/declined by the PSU No No No N/A
AUTHORISED The PSU has authorised the payment at the ASPSP. No No No N/A
DECLINED The PSU has declined the payment at the ASPSP. A payment in this status may be retried if required. No No Yes PaymentDeclined
SETTLEMENT_PENDING The payment has been authorised but has not yet transitioned to SETTLEMENT_IN_PROGRESS status. No No No N/A
SETTLEMENT_IN_PROGRESS The settlement is being processed by the ASPSP. The payment will generally move to SETTLEMEMT_COMPLETE after this status. For high value goods we recommend waiting for a final status before processing the order. No No Yes PaymentInProgress
SETTLEMENT_COMPLETE The ASPSP has debited the payment from the PSU’s account. This may be treated as a Final status if the merchant does not have a Nuapay account; in this case, the merchant should confirm the crediting of its account before shipping goods. No Conditional Yes PaymentCompleted
SETTLEMENT_REJECTED The settlement has not been completed and won’t be in future. The merchant should not ship goods however this payment may be retried, if required. No No Yes PaymentRejected
PAYMENT_RECEIVED The settlement amount has been credited to the merchant’s Nuapay account. Only possible if the merchant has a Nuapay account. No Yes Yes PaymentReceived
TIMEOUT The payment has expired - payments move to this status where the user fails to complete the payment before the configured timeout period (default is 15 minutes). No Yes Yes PaymentTimeout
CONSENT_TIMEOUT The PSU provided his/her consent but the merchant-defined timeout period has elapsed. No payment will be attempted. No Yes Yes PaymentTimeout
UNEXPECTED_ERROR A processing error has occurred. This may be due to connectivity issues between ASPSP and the TPP for example. No Yes No N/A
UNKNOWN After transitioning to AUTHORISED, the TPP cannot determine the status of the payment at the ASPSP (e.g. after receiving a 500 HTTP response) . No Yes No N/A


Where you query the ID of a refund object (returned when you call the Refund Payment service), the following are the possible refund statuses:

Note: Refunds are only available to merchants who have opted to use a Nuapay account to receive their open banking payments.

Status Description Nuapay-Specific? Final Status? Webhook Triggered? Webhook Link
REFUND_PENDING A refund has been initiated for a given `paymentId`. This is the initial staus of the refund object. Yes No No N/A
REFUND_COMPLETE A refund has been successfully paid to the PSU. Yes Yes Yes PaymentRefundComplete
REFUND_REJECTED The refund could not be paid to the PSU (e.g. the PSU's account is closed). Yes Yes Yes PaymentRefundRejected

The diagram below illustrates all possible statuses, with the happy path highlighted in green.

Payment & Refund Statuses
Payment & Refund Statuses