Nuapay supports various Open Banking schemes: OBUK, Berlin Group and STET. OBUK is required for GBP transactions in the UK while Berlin Group and STET are EUR-based Open Banking schemes


The following Open Banking Schemes are supported:

  1. Open Banking UK (supporting the latest Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) API specification). Open Banking Web site
  2. Berlin Group (suporting the NextGenPSD2 XS2A Interoperability Framework API standard). Berlin Group Web site
  3. STET (supporting its PSD2 API specification) STET Web site

What Open Banking Scheme is Right for my Business?

So what scheme makes sense for me?

  • If you process GBP payments then the OBIE UK Open Banking scheme is your only option. However Irish banks have also opted for the OBUK standard to process its EUR Open Banking payments. Note that across the EU, only Ireland has opted to use the OBIE implementation.
  • If you intend to use Open Banking to process EUR payments then either the Berlin Group or the STET option are available. PSD2 has not mandated that any one specification must be followed across the EU so to determine which of these schemes is the better option for your business, you will need to decide on what markets you want to focus. Please discuss your requirements with your Account Manager.