Frequently Asked Questions have been provided here and arranged based on various Open Banking areas.


To get set up on the system:

  1. Contact our support team:
  2. Provide us with some basic details (your name, business area, etc.)
  3. We'll register you and send you the following:
    • An API Key
    • A test Merchant account
    • A link to our testing environment

When you register for the service you may optionally receive a Nuapay IBAN. This account will be used to receive all Open Banking payments you generate. Note that if you want to use the Reverse Payment service you must have a Nuapay account.


Nuapay supports a number of banks in various countries for PISP services. See the Bank Overview page for more details.

A PSU is a Payment Services User. This is the end user who interacts with the Nuapay TPP. A PSU can act as a payer, a payee or both. When working with the Nuapay PISP the PSU is a payer when a payment is created. If that user is later refunded, via the Reverse Payment service, the PU becomes a payee.

A TPP is a Third Party Provider of open Banking services. Nuapay is a TPP and offers both payment and account services via our APIs to merchants and their PSUs.

An ASPSP is an Account Servicing Payment Service Provider. This is the institiution that holds and maintains the bank accounts of PSUs. In Open Banking terms the ASPSP publish APIs that allow TPPs to connect to clients' bank accounts allowing TPPS to provision account and payment services.

A Payment Initiation Services Provider service allows merchants to provide online payment initiation services for their payment service users. In the Nuapay TPP our PISP services allow you to offer an Open Banking payment flow from your Payment Page.

An AISP (Account Information Service Provider) service is a TPP-provided service that allows merchants to access sepecific bank account data of its clients. This access may be used to provide consolidated information on one or more accounts held by a PSU with one or more payment service provider(s), for example.
Note: Nuapay does not currently offer AISP services.


No but you will need to be authorised with a Base64-encoded API Key. See General API Rules for more.

You will need to know the final status of the Open Banking payment. You should manage this by ensuring that you make a Retrieve Payment request whenever the pop-window is closed and control is passed back to the parent window.

We recommend that you use the Idempotency-Key Header parameter in all your Create Payment requests.


You can configure your Webhook notifications to retry for a period of time e.g. for 1 day. Notifications that fail to be delivered will be retried every 30 minutes until successful or until the configured retry period is reached.

Yes it is possible to receive notification out of sequence however every notification includes an eventTimestamp (a Unix Epoch value), which will allow you to determine the correct ordering of notifications.

Use the Retrieve Payment endpoint to determine the status of any given payment.

Webhook messages are always dispatched individually.

Nuapay will timeout after 10 seconds if the receiving endpoint has not responded.