Retrieve Bank RESTful API - use this service to retrieve the list of participating banks

API Details

The Retrieve Bank service allows you to:

  • Retrieve a list of the banks participating in Open Banking.
  • Filter based on the bank’s supportedcurrencies and/or country.

The participating ASPSPs are returned in order of popularity (dynamically determined based on Nuapay PSUs’ preferences).

Where you specify two or more value for the supportedcurrencies array (in the Query Parameters of your request), the ASPSPs returned will support either currency; so the parameter is treated as a logical OR (not as an AND).

Bank Families

In some cases a single bank may have a number of regional banks linked to it.

  • Use the bankfamilyid to filter for a specific bank family.
  • Or use the excludebankfamily filter to only return those banks that do not have any linked regional banks.

For more on this see View Bank Families.

Bank Metadata

This service also returns details on what the bank expects when interacting with it for PISP payments.

When working with Berlin Group banks, for example, the PSU-ID may be required to be passed; for some banks the creditor and debtor address information must be provided; others may have a limit on the minimum and maximum allowable payments, etc.

The service returns these details in the bankMetaData object, indicating if they are:

  • required
  • optional
  • not supported

The following details are provided in a successful 200 response:


Retrieve Banks Endpoint