Account Initiation Service Provider mode

Account Access via Open Banking allows TPPs, like Nuapay, to offer various services to allow merchants to interact with their clients’ account information, once PSUs have provided their consent for the requested access.

Note that:

  • Currently Nuapay only offers access to account information: the owner name and account details.
  • Access to detailed transaction or balance information is not currently available.

Nuapay Use Case

Currently Nuapay leverages the AIS APIs to offer an E-Mandate signup solution:

  • Users provide consent to an account access request.
  • Nuapay use this consent to retrieve the user’s account details.
  • This step allows merchants to confirm ownership of the account and also simplifies the signup process for the user (there is no need to key in an IBAN, for example).
  • Once the user clicks Sign the mandate can be used to collect payments via Direct Debit.

For more on this, see the Open Banking & E-Mandate Overview and the Account Access & E-Mandate Setup section.