Retrieve Bank Families RESTful API - use this service to retrieve the list of bank families

API Details


In STET and Berlin Group:

  • Some ASPSPs are individually configured with a URL and token endpoint per regional bank.
  • For example Credit Agricole in France (STET) has 44 distinct regional banks.
  • Rendering individual regional banks on a user interface is problematic as, in the Credit Agricole example, this would translate to 44 individual bank options.
  • In practice this would mean 44 identical icons on a Bank Selection screen (with the PSU having to find his/her specific branch by scrolling though a large list).

To address this issue for SELF-HOSTED and SELF-HOSTED-CALLBACK users (who design their own UIs), Nuapay uses the concept of a “Bank Family”.

View Bank Families Endpoint