Adding Open Banking (Self-Hosted mode) as a payment option to your Payment Page requires configuration as outlined below. In Self-Hosted mode you must develop your own user interface.
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To add Open Banking to your payment page you will need to carry out the following steps:

  1. Retrieve your API Key - contact our Client Support team if you do not have a key.
  2. Get a token representing the required merchant.
  3. Call GET /banks to retrieve a list of all supported banks.
  4. This will allow you to render a bank selection screen.
  5. Once your PSU selects a bank, pass the user’s bankId along with integrationType = SELF_HOSTED and the merchantPostAuthUrl (this can be the partner or merchant URL) in the request.
  6. This will return a payment id and the aspspAuthUrl, to which you can redirect your PSU.
  7. The PSU is redirected to the ASPSP:
  8. The TPP posts the payment ID to the partner/merchant URL (merchantPostAuthUrl).
  9. At this point the payment flow is complete and the payment has been submitted.
  10. You will need to poll the ASPSP for a final payment status. (Alternatively Webhooks may be used).