The Check Status service allows you to check the availability/health of ASPSP connections at a point in time.


As ASPSPs may not always be available (there may be connectivity issues or scheduled downtime, for example) merchants/partners can use the Check Status Services to determine the availability of all ASPSPs or the health of a specific bank at any given time.

To calculate the overall status:

  • A mix of user requests and automated requests are analysed.
  • Automated requests are generated every 30 seconds.
  • Only requests made in the last 15 minutes are considered.
  • Based on the success/failure rate against each ASPSP, a score is returned.

Where an ASPSP is deemed to be unreachable for any reason, you may decide to mark that ASPSP as unavailable on the User Interface or potentially direct the PSU to an alternative payment method.

Two services are available to allow you to retrieve a status score:

Method Service Details
GET /status/banks Retrieve the status for all banks.
GET /status/banks/{bankId} Retrieve the status for a single bank.


The response to the GET requests referenced above, will return a paymentServiceScore score:

Score Notes
0 There are some connectivity issues. We would recommend that the merchant/partner flag this ASPSP as being currently unavailable.
100 With this score the ASPSP is available and should be selectable for the PSU.
-1 No connectivity with the ASPSP for this service.