Create Open Banking Payment RESTful API
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API Details

The Create Payment service generates an Open Banking payment object, returning a unique paymentId with an (initial) status of PENDING_APPROVAL.

Providing the Debtor Account

In some cases you may already have a debtor account stored for a specific customer and you may want that user to use this account for the payment.

The /payments service allows you to provide the PSU account information as an IBAN or as a Sort Code and Account number (for GB accounts in UK Open Banking).

The schemeName under the debtorAccountobject, can be provided in two ways, as:

  • IBAN
  • SortCodeAccountNumber

Where IBAN is used the PSU’s IBAN is provided for identification:

"debtorAccount": {
   "identification": "GB34BARC20051122334455",
   "schemeName": "IBAN"

Where SortCodeAccountNumber is used the Sort Code and Account number are concatenated and provided for identification.

Example: Sort Code = 12-34-56 & Account = 87654321 gives:

"debtorAccount": {
   "identification": "12345687654321",
   "schemeName": "SortCodeAccountNumber"

If you do not specify an account in this request, and assuming the PSU has more than one account, the ASPSP will typically allow the user to select any of his/her accounts for the payment, via a drop-down.