The HTTPS protocol, API keys and originator configuration.

Note that all requests must:

  • Be sent via the HTTPS protocol
  • Pass a specific encoded API Key or a unique OAuth token for authentication
  • Originate from an allowed IP address (the allowed IP addresses will be configured for you when you register for the service)
  • Include (at a minimum) the mandatory fields required for the specific request that is being made


Open Banking services may be accessed via the following URLs:


To request an API Key please contact our Support Team:

Integration Options

Nuapay provides integrations for individual merchants and for partners.

  • For merchants, generally an encoded API Key is passed as basic authorisation in all API calls (alternatively an OAuth token may be used)
  • In the partner model, OAuth tokens, specific to individual merchants linked to that partner, are passed in each request.

For more on this see the Integration Overview.