The PSU experience when opting to pay by Bank Transfer and set up Direct Debit as the payment method for future collections.

For Merchants/Partners who are using either the CHECKOUT or REDIRECT integration approach, the following gives a summary of the PSU’s interaction.

The User Experience

To use the service (for Bacs in GBP currency), PSUs:

  1. Click the Setup Subscription button on the merchant’s payment page (in CHECKOUT or REDIRECT mode):
  2. The user clicks Continue and is prompted to select a bank:
  3. The user is redirected to the selected bank, logs on, approves the payment and is redirected back to Nuapay to the mandate (DDI) signup screen:
  4. Note that the Account Holder Name, Sort Code and Account Number are pre-populated where:
    • The Account number was provided during the payment initiation (i.e. debtorAccount was provided in the Create Payment request).
    • The Merchant has a Nuapay account and the payment transitions to PAYMENT_RECEIVED (see Payment Statuses for more on the possible statuses).
    • The ASPSP returns the refund account information (only provided if the bank has implemented the OBIE 3.1.5 specification (or later)).
    • (If any of the conditions above are not met then users are prompted to complete the form by manually keying in their account details).
  5. The user selects the check box to confirm account ownership, and that he/she is the sole signatory on the account, and clicks Sign. A Confirmation screen is displayed:

Once the mandate/DDI is signed, you can set up a schedule of payments for the subscription. See the Direct Debit Overview section for more information on how Direct Debit payments work.