Various configurations and customisations are available when setting up your E-Mandates solution.

The following E-Mandate configurations may be customised as required:

Authentication Method E-mandates may be signed via a check box, via SMS or through Email. Where SMS or Email is selected as the authenticatioin method, users receive a unique code (through either SMS or via Email) that they must supply when prompted, to sign the mandate.
Email Alert If turned on this setting will dispatch an email to notify you (the merchant) that a new e-mandate has been signed. This feature is particularly useful for smaller businesses with low volumes.
Logo A custom logo can be displayed on the E-Mandate application - suitable for Redirect and Overlay implementations.
Third-Party Signing A flag to indicate if additional third-party authorization is enabled. We partner with Morpho for mandates originating in France, for example, to provide an extra layer of archiving and traceability to protect your business against Refund claims. More suitable for larger businesses, please discuss your needs with our Customer Support team if you feel that this would be beneficial for your business.
User Interface Customizations Various colour schemes are possible - please discuss your requirements with a member of the Customer Support team
White Labelling Allowing you to hide the Sentenial or Nuapay branding.
Success and Failure URLs Depending on the result of the create mandate operation, your customers will be redirected to either a Success page indicating that the mandate has been created or to a Failure page when there is an issue and a mandate is not generated. These URLs will be added as part of your configuration.
Display Extended Data Depending on your business needs you may already have specific customer details (address details for example) and you may just want to collect your customer’s IBAN. This setting allows you to just present a slimmed down set of input fields.
Debtor Input Allowed This configuration is useful if you already have all of your customer’s information; the E-Mandate application presents all the required data to the user - no input is required and the customer clicks Confirm to sign the mandate.

For more details on these customisations see E-Mandate Customisations.