Electronically sign your mandate and a contract in a single operation.


For a lot of businesses, seeking authorisation for Direct Debit payments is just one step when signing up a new customer; Merchants often require a signed contract too before offering their specific goods or services.

The E-Mandates solution allows you to leverage the power of our API to offer your customers the option to sign up for both a Direct Debit Mandate and also for a specific contract all in a single sign operation.

When you use this feature, users will see a screen similar to the following, with the customer being able to click the Terms and Conditions link to view the details of the contract prior to signing:

Once signed, the contract and mandate are combined and stored as a single PDF document.


To set up contract and mandate signing together:

  • Use the POST/contracts call to upload your PDF contract document to the E-Mandates application.
  • Store the resource identifier of your contract document (returned in the response)
  • Reference this identifier in the Prepare Mandate call (in one of the following Prepare E-Mandate calls, depending on your integration):
    • Redirect E-mandate Token
    • Overlay E-mandate Token
    • Direct API E-mandate Token