Use where Email or SMS authorisation is being used and the payer requires an OTP to be reissued.

For a worked example of a resend One-Time-Password (OTP) process, see the Resend Conversation example.

When you use this service it is assumed:

  • You have created an e-mandate and have issued an OTP to the payer.
  • The payer has lost that code (for example, the user deletes the SMS or email message in error)
  • The payer has requested that a new code is issued.

Note that an OTP can be retried up to a maximum of 5 times. On the 5th retry the resend view is not available.

You must have first retrieved the E-Mandate token via the Prepare Mandate before you can call this APIs

GET /conversation/resend OTP

POST /conversation/resend OTP