When building a direct API integration, conversation steps can be useful to allow you to further customise your integration

To provide you with greater control over the Direct API Integration, use our API conversation steps when building your solution. The following conversation steps are available (with links to the Swagger definitions for each service):

Method Service URI
GET Settings /conversations/settings
GET Initialise Conversation /conversations/init
GET Sign /conversations/sign
POST Sign /conversations/sign
GET Verify /conversations/verify
POST Verify /conversations/verify
POST Prepare Conversation prepare/{emailToken}
GET Resend One-Time Password /conversations/resend
POST Resend One-Time Password /conversations/resend
GET Confirm /conversations/confirm
POST Confirm /conversations/confirm
GET Document /conversations/{conversationToken}/document
GET Download Contract Document /conversations/contract

These services can be used when you need to implement a specific flow. The following implementations examples show how you can work with the conversation APIs to: