Use the Confirm service to prompt the user for the OTP and to retrieve the encoded identifier of the mandate created.

At the confirmation stage of the conversation:

  • Use the GET conversations/confirm to render the Confirmation screen for your user.
  • The user will be prompted to provide the OTP (this was issued in the previous step of the conversation).
  • Once the user has typed the code and clicked Submit, call POST conversations/confirm to verify the OTP
  • Once the code provided is verified, the mandate is created with the encodedMandateId, encodedSchemeId and mandateId being returned. Note that the mandate is now set to signed": true
  • An email will be triggered to the user to confirm the mandate has been activated (for SEPA) or that it has been created and will be passed to the debtor’s bank (for Bacs mandates).

GET / conversation/confirm

POST / conversation/confirm