Nearly there! Configuring your page through the WordPress dashboard is the final step.

To set up your page with a new SIGN button:

  1. Log on to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Select Pages from the left-hand menu:
  3. Choose Edit to modify the page on which you want your payers to sign up for electronic mandates.
  4. Add the following lines to your page (replacing the example API code, scheme ID and IBAN below with your own):
  5. [nuapay api_key="1TC1473798882f0b02c0a81017b3497cbb08d7813e1efffa7d495ffbeb0fctc0" scheme_type="CORE" payment_type="RCUR" scheme_id="IE26ZZZ123456123" creditor_iban="IE73AIBK12345446707123" integration_type="REDIRECT"]

    The code above includes the following details:

    • Your API key
    • Scheme Type
    • Payment Type
    • Scheme ID
    • Merchant IBAN
    • Integration Type (either REDIRECT or OVERLAY) - REDIRECT opens the mandate sign-up screen in a new tab or window; OVERLAY renders the mandate signing screen on top of the calling page so your customers have a seamless experience.
  6. Save your changes and reload your page. Assuming you have not made any errors in the lines above you should see a new button being rendered on your page. The example below shows how an integration to the imaginary Nuapay Gym might look (the page's source and the resultant Web page):

Please note do not use any wordpress server side caching plugins for pages containing the nuapay shortcode, each page load requests a new token from the Nuapay Servers.