One or more E-Mail notifications are passed to your customers. This section describes how to manage these notifications.

Your customers can receive two e-mail notifications as part of the E-Mandate signup flow:

  • A message with a 4-digit code required to sign an e-mandate (if E-Mail is the selected authentication method).
  • A confirmation e-mail, which is issued after signing, which includes a link to download a PDF copy of the mandate/DDI.

E-Mail Authentication Setup

There are three basic Authentication Methods possible in E-Mandates:

  • Check Box
  • E-mail
  • SMS

See the E-Mandate Configurations section for more on this.

If you have opted for E-Mail as your Authentication Method:

  • Once users confirm their details and click OK on your UI to complete the signup flow, you will need to request them to provide a Confirmation Code to sign.
  • In parallel, an email is issued to users with a 4-digit code.
  • To sign the mandate, users need to take that 4-digit code, received via email, and type it in the Confirmation Code box on your Mandate Setup page.

To configure the E-mail links that are used, see the Configuration API section. You will need to set the following values:

  • email Domain
  • emailUrl