Once you have retrieved an E-Mandate Token, add JavaScript to your calling Payment Page

Add JavaScript to your Site

Once you have retrieved the E-Mandate token you will need to add the following JavaScript to your calling page,

  • EMandates.setToken: The E-Mandate token uniquely identifies details about the merchant and payer, setting the token allows the session to reference this information.
  • EMandates.setUrl: Sets the URL from which the overlay is rendered, for production this should be, https://api.nuapay.com/emandate. For UAT this should be, https://sandbox.nuapay.com/emandate.
  • EMandates.overlay: Renders the e-mandate overlay.

The sample JavaScript below shows how you can render an e-mandate overlay, here we assume that your token is:




		<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

		<link href="https://api.nuapay.com/emandate/static/css/emandates-overlay.css" rel="stylesheet">

		<script src="https://api.nuapay.com/emandate/static/js/emandates-overlay.js">








		<button onclick="EMandates.overlay();">€9.99 Sign Up Now!</button>



You then need to call the overlay method for the onclick event on your calling Web page:

overlay button