Add JavaScript to handle the form submission.

You must register a JavaScript function that will be called prior to form submission, this function will post the mandate details, securely back to Nuapay.

The successResponseHandler/errorResponseHandler will later process the response from Nuapay and update your UI with either success or error details.

If your application processes a successful response you can append the details returned to your form and post them back to your server. This means you never have to process or store sensitive information like IBANs.

The key call here is Emandates.signEmandate

function submitForm() {

		var name = document.getElementById('name');
		var email = document.getElementById('email');
		var iban = document.getElementById('iban');

		var requestData = {
			"debtorDetails" : {
				"name" : name.value,
				"email" : email.value,
				"iban" : iban.value
			"accepted" : true
		Emandates.signEmandate(requestData, successResponseHandler,
		return false;